Odyssey laser
The Odyssey Laser

One of the more exciting applications of dental lasers is in their application in periodontal disease. For years now dentists on the leading edge of periodontal care have been devising ways to incorporate these excellent tools into their patient’s care.

Our dental office in Center Valley, PA has been using lasers as an adjunct to our periodontal program since 2007. The recent addition of the Odyssey Laser has added an exciting new dimension to our periodontal care. Lasers are characterized by their wavelength; each type of laser having certain clinical advantages and disadvantages.

Laser periodontal protocols take advantage of each machines characteristics, and uses wavelengths popular in treating gum disease, allowing us to take advantage of all the abilities of each device without the limitations of a single wavelength. Cirocco Dental Centers combine this with modern technology with genetic (DNA) testing that results in a thorough & effective protocol.

Advantages of the Odyssey Laser
  • Laser surgery for periodontal disease in fewer appointments
  • Personalized antimicrobial therapy
  • Greatly reduced post operative pain
  • No scalpels
  • No sutures
  • More rapid healing
  • Less invasive procedures
  • Laser disinfection of diseased periodontal pockets
  • Laser and piezoelectric assisted tartar removal (no more scraping!)
  • Less expensive than traditional surgery
What Sets Us Apart


We offer a Coffee bar and complimentary water for your refreshment. Whether your just a few minutes early or waiting for a special patient, a full refreshment bar is available for your convenience.


Even though we know dental work is exciting, we provide lots of entertainment to keep you occupied. We offer Flat Screen TV’s in each treatment room. We are also “ifriendly”. Bring your ipod, ipad, or iwhatever.


Your comfort is one of our greatest concerns. We provide warm cotton towels, comfortable blankets and neck and leg pillows for our patients.

Brushing Station

In case you forgot or want to get one last good brushing in, we have a brushing station available for your use. We provide new toothbrushes, floss, and mouth wash. We also use this area to teach “new” brushers or those who may need a refresher on technique.


Our office features the latest in dental technology. From the digital x-ray machine, to intraoral cameras. Cirocco Dental Centers in Center Valley’s overall goal is to provide our patients with the latest and most advanced dental tools, products, and services available.


Whether it’s our patient friendly hours, full service dentistry, or same day dentistry, we’re here to serve you! We provide convenience to our patients to make sure they have the best dental care options available when they need them.