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Teeth are susceptible to decay and disease at any age, but dental health problems seem to surface more often as we age. About 75 percent of adults over the age of 60 only have a portion of their original teeth, according to the Washington Dental Service Foundation, which is largely due to dental health problems that occur later in life. While teeth may seem insignificant compared to other diseases and conditions that the elderly often
5 ways to recalcify and re-enamel your teeth
Over time, our teeth often suffer from tooth decay due to insufficient dental hygiene habits and poor dietary choices. This decay leads to the loss of tooth enamel, which can cause sensitivity and increase the risk of oral infections. To reduce the effect that this decay has on your teeth, and even take strides to rebuild the enamel on your teeth, you can implement these five daily habits and products into your life to help
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It’s almost officially summertime, which means it’s nearly the season for amusement parks, fun rides, and county fairgrounds. That means it’s also the time for some of our favorite concession stand foods such as snow cones, corn dogs, and of course cotton candy, to make an appearance. Of course it’s not a surprise that these foods aren’t the healthiest, but while it may be tempting to indulge in a few of the season’s best from
Fluoridated water is beneficial to the dental health of children
A recent study further confirmed the positive dental benefits of drinking water with fluoride in it, with the results showing that children with access to fluoridation have better dental health than those who don’t. In a June article published in the Journal of Dental Research, researchers assessed the connection between children’s access to community water fluoridation and the prevalence of cavities. The findings further bolstered the importance of providing access to fluoridated water to children
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Electronic cigarettes – also known as e-cigarettes – have experienced an increase in popularity in the past decade as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, with the practice of “vaping” being seen as more socially acceptable in public than normal smoking. While regular cigarettes produce smoke and emit harmful chemicals into the air, electronic cigarettes are entirely smokeless and powered through batteries; instead the e-cigarette houses an internal heating component where the nicotine and other