Attention: Seeking Patients with Bone Loss, Failing Root Canals and Broken Teeth!

Dental implants are one of the most natural, long lasting ways to fix your smile, but they’re also a significant expense. The good news is, at Cirocco, you have options! If you have broken, missing or failing teeth that need to be replaced but you’re worried about the damage to your wallet, check out our special promotions below or see our Morning Call ad for more information!

Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable dental care to all our patients. Feel free to visit our general dental care promotions page to discover even more savings!

Single Dental Implant

  • 1 Conventional Implant
  • 1 Standard Abutment
  • 1 Implant Crown

Multiple Dental Implants

  • 2 Conventional Implants
  • 2 Standard Abutments
  • 1 Three-Unit Bridge

Complete Arch Replacement

  • 6-8 Conventional Implants
  • All Necessary Abutments
  • Complete Fixed Prosthesis

Full Arch Crowns or Bridge – Removable Denture

When missing all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, a denture may be supported by two to four strategically placed implants. The denture rests on your gums and attaches to the implant tops for a removable denture that snaps into place. This is a cost-effective option that may be upgraded with the placement of additional implants for even greater denture support.

Full Arch Crowns or Bridge – Removable Denture Supported by Bar

When missing all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, four to six implants may be placed and splinted together to support a denture. The bar connecting the implants extends toward the back of your mouth to help stabilize the denture when you bite with your back teeth.

*All dental implant services carry a 5-year warranty, terms & conditions apply, qualify to receive financing through care credit. Above listed prices DO NOT INCLUDE additional surgical procedures (i.e., extractions and bone grafting). Some expulsions apply. 

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