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Get Healthy, Happy Gums

It may come as a surprise, but maintaining proper gum health is incredibly important to a person’s overall wellness. When your gums aren’t healthy, other diseases have a better opportunity to enter your body, and poor gum health is often the first indication that a larger, more serious health issue is on the horizon.

As a part of your regular oral healthcare, Cirocco Dental Center will  make sure your gums stay as healthy as possible through expert treatment and prevention. 


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More than Gingivitis

Most of our patients have heard of gingivitis, but when it comes to gum health, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While gingivitis, and its more serious form of peridontitis, can cause their fair share of pain and discomfort for patients, they can also potentially lead to even more serious complications that affect the rest of the body, including the heart and the lungs.

When we say a patient has gum disease, it usually means their gums are inflamed due to a buildup of plaque and bacteria. Their gums may be red, swollen, painful and may frequently bleed, especially when the patient eats, flosses or brushes their teeth.

Gingivitis most frequently develops due to a buildup of plaque caused by a lack of proper oral healthcare, but it can also be caused by smoking, poor nutrition, genetics, stress, tooth grinding and certain medications. Hormones are also a common culprit, and many women experience gingivitis as a symptom of pregnancy, although in this case it will typically resolve itself.

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How is Gum Disease Treated?

Most mild cases of gingivitis are resolved by practicing better dental hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing are a must, as are regular cleanings at the dentist’s office, which will remove the buildup of plaque in places that are hard for the patient to reach. Mouthwashes and frequent rinsing can supplement this regular routine, and help prevent more plaque from developing.

In more serious cases, a dentist may recommend  scaling and planing, a surgical procedure that will remove the infected tissue. After having this procedue done, a patient will need to practice good dental hygiene to prevent the gum disease from reoccurring.

Your Local Gum Health Experts

Keep your gums healthy with regular visits to the dentist’s office! Not only can we provide thorough cleaning and plaque removal, we can also spot the early signs and symptoms and create a customized care plan to get you back on track.

And, if you already have gum disease, we’ll provide cutting edge treatment and continuous care so your oral health improves with as little permanent damage as possible. 

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