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Dental implants are one of the most popular tooth replacement choices due to their permanent, attractive nature. They look and function like natural teeth, giving patients their natural smile back.

If you’re in need of a tooth replacement procedure for your entire mouth, come to Cirocco Dental Center for full mouth dental implants! Located conveniently in Center Valley, our experienced staff can help give you a smile worth smiling about. 


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Non-Removable Implant Teeth

While dentures are still a popular option for tooth replacement, full mouth dental implants are often preferred to conventional dentures due to their permanence and natural look. Implants require the same maintenance as regular teeth and remain in your mouth forever once you have them.

This type of implant is attached to the jaw with screws and high strength dental cement, allowing for normal chewing, speaking and smiling to resume without the risk for further bone loss. Patients may need to replace as few as five teeth or under at once or, in less favorable cases, more. Non-removable dental implants for the entire jaw eliminate the need for full or partial dentures, giving you a natural look and feel that is low maintenance.

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What Are My Options?

Best Option – Full Arch Teeth on Dental Implants

Based on your situation, the best option for you is to halt the infection affecting the foundation around your teeth, remove the un-repairable teeth, repair the teeth that can be saved, and replace teeth that require replacement with dental implants. This treatment would repair the complete upper or lower arches, fully addressing both functional and aesthetic concerns.

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Second Best Option – Full Arch Crown & Bridge on Natural Teeth

If the full arch implants are not feasible, the next best option for you is to halt the gum infection affecting the foundation around your teeth, remove the irreparable teeth, repair the teeth that can be saved, and rehabilitate all of your upper teeth with crowns & bridgework. Major tooth repair will be required with this option , as crown & bridgework is needed on all natural teeth that remain in order to create better function, guidance, and aesthetics them at the same time.

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Good Option – Partial or Complete Implant or Overdenture

Another option is to use dental implants to support new upper teeth that are removable from the implants in the form of an overdenture partial. The advantage to this option is that it reduces your cost. The disadvantages are that the teeth will not feel as solid as when full arch implants or crowns and bridges are used, and the teeth will be removable and therefore less stable. Additionally, there are moving parts or attachments that may wear out, like gaskets that need to be replaced, and  some food will collect underneath the teeth, although not nearly as much as with a conventional denture. Some major tooth repair will also need to be done with this option, as crowns would be needed on all natural teeth that are able to remain to create better function, guidance, and cosmetic appearance at the same time. You may also opt not to keep any remaining teeth, if you choose this option.

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Last Option – Conventional Dentures

Your last option is to remove the remaining upper or lower teeth, graft any remaining sites for future dental implants, and fabricate conventional dentures. Unfortunately, conventional dentures will not restore solid chewing function as well as any implant option listed above. Your natural bone will continue to deteriorate as the denture pounds on the gums, and you’ll need to continuously have the denture realigned through the years. Wearing a complete denture is completely different from wearing a partial denture, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to tolerate wearing them. The upper denture covers the entire palate, and the lower denture is not secure and has no suction. Most people complain that regular dentures frequently move around, can “pop-out” unexpectedly, and need numerous adjustments before they become comfortable. If you get regular dentures, hopefully there will be enough bone left to place implants in the future when you decide to do them.

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Removable Implant Teeth (Over-Dentures)

Over dentures are options that can help stabilize removable teeth for a more natural, secure bite without the permanence of non-removable implants. There are three main types:

  • Custom Bar with Over-Denture
  • Over-Denture with Attachments
  • Mini Implants with Over-Denture

Full, complete dentures are also an option for complete tooth replacement, but while they are often less costly in the beginning, they can cause bone erosion that leads to much more expensive procedures in the long run.

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When you choose Cirocco Dental Center for your full mouth dental implant procedure, you’ll be choosing a team with a wealth of experience in providing full-service dental solutions to patients. We strive to create a comforting atmosphere in our office and welcome you to come meet us.

For a permanent solution that will leave you with a brighter smile than ever, choose Cirocco for your full mouth dental implants.

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