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Something Missing Form Your Smile?

Missing teeth affect more than just your grin. Not only will you have a more difficult time chewing and speaking, your bone and facial structure is also at risk. Failure to address lost teeth and the underlying issues that cause them can quickly lead to irreparable damage.

High quality dental implants are a permanent fix for missing teeth that perfectly mimic natural form and function. If you’ve lost or are losing teeth, your health and self esteem are surely suffering. It’s time to get your teeth and gums back on track! The specialists at Cirocco Dental Center will assess your situation and make the best personal recommendation for treatment.


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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made out of titanium that replace a missing tooth or teeth. These implants are screws placed directly into the jaw bone to serve as an artificial root to hold your new tooth in place. After the patient is fully healed and the implant is secure, a prosthetic tooth is attached to the screw. For a single implant, the process can usually be completed fairly easily, with relatively little pain.

Dental implants are often seen as the superior alternative to dentures or other replacement options because they are extremely natural looking as well as permanent. You care for them much like you would your natural teeth, and no one will likely notice the difference.

If you only have one missing tooth, check out our page on single tooth dental implant replacements.

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What Are My Options?

dental crown


Replacing a single lost tooth with an implant provides a post on which to cement a crown. This saves the healthy, adjacent teeth from being ground down to support a bridge. Unlike bridgework, implants also prevent bone loss by replicating the missing tooth root. Depending on the condition of your jawbone, a temporary crown may be placed immediately.


When missing several teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, implants may be strategically placed based upon the amount of available bone and the location of your missing teeth. The number of implants needed will depend upon the number of teeth missing. Two implants may provide support for a cemented bridge that replaces three adjacent teeth.

Removable Denture

When missing all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, a denture may be supported by two to four strategically placed implants. The denture rests on your gums and attaches to the implant tops for a removable denture that snaps into place. This is a cost-effective option that may be upgraded with the placement of additional implants for even greater denture support.

Removable Denture Supported by Bar

When missing all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, four to six implants may be placed and splinted together to support a denture. The bar connecting the implants extends toward the  back of your mouth to help stabilize the denture when you bite with your back teeth.

fixed denture

Fixed Denture

When missing all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, a fixed denture may be supported by four or more implants. A fixed denture is removable only by a dental professional for cleaning and offers greater stability than a removable denture.

fixed denture

Full Arch Crowns or Bridge

When missing all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, a combination of crowns and/or bridges may be supported by implants. The number of implants, generally five or more, will vary depending upon your particular situation. Crowns and bridges offer greater aesthetics than a denture.

Your Local Cosmetic Dentistry Experts

Maintaining proper oral health isn’t just about having a great smile. After all, it’s much more than just your teeth at stake – It’s your gums, your facial structure and your confidence too.

We’re the Center Valley area’s dental implant experts, with over 15 years experience. We’ll help you choose the right option for you when it comes to replacing missing teeth and repairing years of damage. Our friendly staff and welcoming environment will help you feel at home. We treat our patients with care, respect and dignity, no matter what brings them to our office.

If you’re interested in scheduling a multiple tooth dental implant replacement consultation, please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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