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Benefits of Bonding

Dental bonding is an excellent procedure to help repair and correct any number of issues, including decay, chipped or cracked teeth, fillings, elongating, changing shape, discoloration, and gapped teeth. Within a single visit taking no longer than an hour, the talented technicians at Cirocco Dental Center can make your teeth appear healthier and more naturally aesthetically pleasing without hassle.

With proper care, bonding can last for many years without any additional treatment; it helps relieve sensitivity and restores 85-95% of the tooth’s original strength. the talented technicians at Cirocco Dental Center can make your teeth appear healthier and more naturally aesthetically pleasing without hassle.

Our dental professionals will use a shade guide to best match the resin (made from specialty plastic material) to your tooth’s natural color. Then the tooth’s surface will be coated in a special adhesive solution which will help the bonding material to adhere to the targeted area as securely as possible. Finally, after the resin has been carefully applied and molded to the tooth’s natural shape, a bright ultraviolet light source helps harden the material so it can be buffed and polished to perfection!



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What are White Fillings?

White resin fillings are emerging as a popular alternative to the traditional silver filling treatment, with many advantages in their corner. They not only appear more natural, but save more of the natural tooth during treatment, are more resistant to decaying, increase strength and decrease sensitivity to cold air, fluids, and foods, as well as eliminate risks for mercury contamination found in silver fillings. Preparation and treatment time is much shorter, and it can be easily combined with other procedures such as crowns and bridges. The main type of filling is called a direct filling. Direct white fillings are used for fixing decay, gaps & reshaping, and replacing traditional amalgam fillings. They are hardened with a curing light after the material is fitted within the cavity area.

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White fillings appear more natural and save more of the natural tooth during treatment. 

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We at Cirocco Dental Center are committed to giving you the the comfortable and rewarding experience during your bonding and/or filling treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality dental service without extraneous cost. We’re here to answer any questions, relieve any anxieties or fears, and make sure that you walk out our doors with the smile that you deserve!


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