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Our Smile Healthy Approach

Having a healthy smile is important for your overall health as well as your confidence. It’s important to note that maintaining a healthy smile is always easier than trying to get back to a healthy smile. That’s why Dr. Cirocco focuses on preventative care and maintenance. By keeping your teeth healthy and preventing decay, your teeth can last longer and be stronger.


Dr Cirocco’s Smile Healthy approach focuses on preventative care and maintenance.

Why Preventative?

By preventing initial damage to your teeth, you can stay on top of wear and tear before it becomes a larger issue. Once decay sets in, it can be cleaned out, but the damage is still there, and will always be a path of least resistance for future problems. That damage can lead to sensitivity, future decay, and gum disease. Stopping plaque from getting a foothold is more effective and better for your teeth than trying to play catch-up against damage.

Dental Decay

Cavities are caused by losing minerals thus weakening teeth, as well as when foods that are full of sugar are trapped between teeth and hard to reach places. Between sugar and plaque buildup, your teeth can soften and decay, leading to cavities! That’s why Cirocco Dental Center focuses on the prevention of the conditions that can lead to dental decay. By coming in for regular deep cleanings and checkups, you can know which steps are best for you to avoid the painful reality of tooth decay!

Gum Disease

Gingivitis, also known as inflammation of the gums, usually happens when bacteria, plaque or other irritants build up on the teeth and affect the health of the gums. This inflammation can be painful, or even just mildly irritating, and can have long-lasting effects on the health of your gums, teeth, and mouth overall if not treated. By maintaining good oral hygiene, you can avoid letting gingivitis taking hold and progressing to gum disease. Regular dentist visits are important to keep track of your gum health.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth are sensitive, this can be caused by damage to your teeth, exposing the nerves in your teeth to the elements. When you eat or drink, it can cause sharp pain or an ache in your mouth—definitely not a fun experience! There are treatments however. Using desensitizing toothpaste can reduce the pain, reducing sugary and acidic food intake, and in some cases root canals are also effective. By getting your teeth checked regularly, it’s possible to catch minor decay before sensitivity becomes a large issue for you and your teeth!

Your Local Cosmetic Dentistry Experts

As your local cosmetic dentistry experts, we here at Cirocco Dental Center know how important it is to maintain a healthy smile. Our team is dedicated to making sure your smile is as perfect as it can be through preventative care and maintenance. By taking the time to clean and improve your dental hygiene now, it can save a ton of time and maintenance in the future. Make the right call, and schedule an appointment with us today!

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